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Change begins with the first new question

Where Do You Come From?

Think of your family. Your neighbors. Your community. The people and places in your life that have impacted you, connected you and helped you succeed. At BakerRipley, we connect low-income families and individuals to opportunity so they can achieve the life they’ve imagined. It’s the reason why we exist and it’s something that hasn’t changed since 1907. We believe that our neighborhoods are bridges to opportunity, that people can transform communities and that everyone everywhere has something to contribute. For Good.

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Where Are You Going?

BakerRipley goes where we are invited to go and we do what we are asked to do. No matter where we live, we all want the same things for our families. We want financial stability, we want to learn and we want to belong. Our Impact is therefore targeted towards strengthening community engagement, improving financial well-being and increasing educational attainment in every community we serve. Working side-by-side with community leaders and residents, we discover their strengths, craft a collective vision and design a plan to make their aspirations a reality. Simply put, we build upon what works.

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What makes our region dynamic and vibrant are our neighborhoods-minnesota id card-fake ids new york city-novelty cards toronto-SanFrancisco fake id and, most importantly, the people in them. We invest in community—in more than half a million people who want nothing more than a better life. When we do this, our entire region becomes stronger. Like you, we do it all for our neighbors, our families, our friends, our loved ones. Because they’re worth it.

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