What better way to learn more about our work in community than to hear it from the experts themselves. Meet the folks who can share their experiences and stories about our initiatives in community.

For media inquiries or to book an expert, please contact us.

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Ana Mac Naught

Assistant Director of Community Development


Community Development

Ana Mac Naught was born and raised in Puebla, Mexico and ever since she was little, Ana has always had a passion for community work and helping others. She currently oversees all programs and services at the Baker-Ripley Neighborhood Center. She connects nearly 8,000 people who visit the center every month to a variety of resources including a tax center, a credit union, adult education classes, charter schools and enrichment sessions for youth and adults.

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Bolivar Fraga

Community Engagement Manager


Community Development

As the Community Engagement Developer, Bolivar encourages residents to stay civically engaged. He helps people become more active in their community by starting neighborhood groups and providing assistance to existing organizations, such as neighborhood watch groups. Bolivar was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force.

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Isy Gabriela Conde

Director of Neighborhood Initiatives


Community Development

She believes that every process and resource in a community can be transformed if the right people work together and believe in the change. Gaby works as an Assistant Director of Community Development and collaborates with 6 different neighborhoods in Houston, implementing strategic community development and directs partnerships and program optimization. Gaby has been recognized by the Southwest Management District and received the Civilian Award in 2014. She has also been awarded by the Sharpstown Rotary Club in the 2014 Installation and Award Banquet.

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Jill Campbell

Immigration Attorney



Jill is primarily responsible for managing the program’s client cases, which includes the supervision of the program’s BIA Accredited Representatives. Jill’s immigration work focuses on Citizenship and Naturalization; Deferred Action; representation of refugees and asylees; family reunification cases; and humanitarian-based relief. Jill also supports the Immigration & Citizenship Program’s Naturalization services through the development of materials for and ongoing legal support of BakerRipley’s Immigration Forums and Naturalization Workshops.

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Katie Scott

Director of Dementia and Caregiver Support Services



Katie is a native Houstonian whose passion is centered around creating opportunities for engagement for individuals with dementia and creating a strong support system to help their families. Katie received her Bachelor’s degree at Rice University and received her Master of Public Health from the University of Texas School of Public Health. Through her leadership of the dementia-specific adult day center and the Houston Alliance to Address Dementia Project, she is dedicated to changing the way the community treats families with dementia.

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Oriana Garcia

Sr. Director of Community Based Initiatives


Community Development and Immigration

Oriana began her career at BakerRipley in 1998 as Assistant to the President and CEO. Her experience with the agency includes operations and management, volunteer management, fundraising, member drives, community development / engagement and capital campaigns. In 2010, Garcia also served as Project Director for Gulfton Promise Neighborhood, and worked collaboratively with partners to ensure compliance of required strategies from the US Department of Education. A native of Honduras, Garcia is fluent in English and Spanish. [Read More].